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Testimonals & Press

Damacore Garron v1 Knife

I am the proud owner of one of Emberleafs signature mammoth tooth handled Damascus bladed knives. This stunningly crafted unique knife is quite literally the most beautiful knife I have ever held and is a treasured family heirloom. My other Emberleaf is an extended handled desert ironwood bran that has held its edge for several years just from gentle stopping. As a deer stalker all my kit is in continuous use and must earn its keep. These knives are no exception, and I would whole heartedly recommend Emberleaf workshops to build you a custom blade.

Dean and the lads at Emberleaf also go above and beyond when it comes to personal service.

The quality of their products is second to none.


Garron v2 Dichrolam handmade knife

The Raven is a beautifully hand crafted knife, it is well balanced awesomely sharp ! You can cut anything with the Raven , you can slice meat 10 thou thick with absolute precision. I picked up the knife & I had to buy it !! Every time I use it I am amazed, it is a pleasure to use , it will last me a lifetime, thanks lads .


Bran Damascus Ivory custom made knife

These guys offer first class service and a First-class product. I own several Emberleaf knives, and they are mind-blowingly sharp with design focused on working for you not against you! I must also acknowledge the first class ultra efficient sharpening service they offer not just on their own product but anything with an edge. They have recently exceeded my expectations on timescale and turn around due to my poor planning.

– C. Horner

I have waited 2 years to decide to buy the Cael V2 and finally found the perfect handle material for me. I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Dean and his passion and technical knowledge was great. The product arrived in less than 24 hours and surpassed my already high expectations – a rare thing nowadays!
It was a pleasure to deal with Dean and I look forward to visiting the workshop in the future.
A quality product with service to match.
Laser engraved knife

A treasured family heirloom


Laser engraved knife - now a treasured family heirloom

Wow, well what can I say, there is nothing these guys don’t know about bladesmithing. I had a chat with Dean, he gave me a choice of handle materials and the ability to customise the design of the sheath. I went for a Cael AR and it was the best decision I’ve ever made, a knife for life.

– Luara W.

Garron v2 Dichrolam knife
Awesome guys, true craftsmen with a passion and knowledge that has to be seen to be believed.

We have had many articles in various publications over the years, here are a few of them, however please note that some of the information will be long out of date. But they make for good reading all the same, Enjoy!

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