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Knife Models

Hunting Knives

Cael AR v2 Hunting Knife

Cael AR v2

The Cael AR v2 proudly stands as one of our most acclaimed and beloved knife models. With its 100mm (4-inch) blade with a width of 16.5mm, the Cael has been meticulously crafted for the exacting task of deer processing. It has undergone rigorous field testing, earning accolades from a multitude of industry experts and seasoned professionals.

What truly distinguishes the Cael is its slender blade and thoughtfully contoured design, providing an unparalleled level of control and dexterity when navigating the intricate chest cavity of game animals. Simultaneously, the blade’s exceptional sharpness and combined toughness effortlessly tackles the most demanding tasks.

Notably, the Cael exhibits a distinctive curve that excels in game processing, especially for deer. Its handle has been painstakingly designed with the hunter in mind. It incorporates a built-in index guard and an ergonomically shaped handle, enhancing safety, particularly in low-light conditions, ensuring that you always know the knife’s precise location. This allows for a secure grip with the index finger along the spine of the blade, while the remaining three fingers comfortably embrace the handle against the base of your thumb.

In summation, the Cael AR v2 is the top choice for discerning hunters and professionals who demand precision, control, and versatility in their game processing, particularly for deer. Its blade and handle design embody years of refinement, a testament to the expertise of those who rely on it in the field.

Cael AR v1 Hunting Knife

Cael AR v1

Much like its counterpart, the Cael v2, the Cael v1 shares an array of exceptional qualities. The primary distinction between them lies in the absence of the index guard, a feature that enhances the v1’s overall dexterity and agility.

Through years of hands-on experience and valuable user feedback, we’ve come to appreciate that the Cael v1 holds a special appeal for those who rely on their knife daily. Users often opt for the v1, valuing its nimbleness and precision, even though it lacks the index guard present in the v2. It’s a matter of personal preference, reflecting the choice for finesse and versatility in an everyday tool. The Cael v1 stands as a trusted companion for those who seek the perfect balance of utility and agility in their knife.

Both Cael v1 and v2 are available in the micro bevel grind profile.

Garron v1 Hunting Knife

Garron v1

Introducing the Garron v1, a meticulously handcrafted hunting knife designed by seasoned hunters, with a specific focus on handling larger species of deer and formidable game.

This knife has undergone extensive field testing, rigorously evaluated by numerous industry professionals. Sporting a robust 140mm (5.5-inch) blade with a generous 23mm width, the Garron v1 supports a full flat into micro bevel grind profile meticulously designed to deliver optimal edge retention, razor-sharpness, and effortless sharpening and maintenance.
Originally conceived to meet the unique challenges posed by larger deer species, the Garron has found its place as an indispensable hunting and field craft tool across diverse environments. Its namesake, the tenacious Highland pony, reflects its unwavering durability and reliability.

The Garron v1 shines as a superb choice for larger deer and game species, yet it effortlessly adapts to handle smaller game as well. The blade’s edge is exceptionally sharp, making quick work of red deer and other formidable quarry. Its well-balanced design and impeccable proportions ensure a comfortable and controlled grip, enhancing its performance in the field.
In summary, the Garron v1 is an excellent companion for those seeking a versatile and powerful hunting knife tailored to the demands of larger game species.

Garron v2 Hunting Knife

Garron v2

Garron v2, a smaller sibling to the Garron v1 with a slightly shorter 114mm (4.5-inch blade, filling the gap between the Cael and the original Garron v1.

The Garron v2 swiftly earned its reputation as one of our most beloved models, thanks to its timeless design and classic proportions. Its enduring popularity stems from its traditional shape, which resonates with enthusiasts seeking an archetypal knife experience.

This knife is the embodiment of versatility, excelling as an all-rounder, perfectly suited for hunting and field craft. Fondly known as the ‘farmer’s friend,’ the Garron v2 has earned this moniker by consistently proving its mettle across various tasks. Whatever challenge you throw its way, it rises to the occasion with unwavering reliability.
In summary, the Garron v2 strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and performance, It’s the go to choice for those in search of a trustworthy and adaptable companion that can tackle any task.

Ventari v1 Hunting Knife

Ventari v1

The Ventari v1 is a hybrid model, drawing inspiration from two of our renowned models, the Cael and its cousin, the Garron. This knife has been meticulously designed to deliver exceptional edge retention and dexterity, making it a superb choice for precision game processing.

Featuring a 22.5mm wide, 125mm blade (5 inches), the Ventari v1 boasts the ability to navigate tight spaces and execute sharp turns during cutting, thanks to its well-crafted tip.

Throughout the extensive testing conducted over the majority of 2019, the Ventari has proven its mettle on various deer species across the UK and Europe. It consistently exceeds our already high standards, demonstrating its reliability and performance in the field.

In essence, it seamlessly blends the strengths of the Cael and Garron, making it an ideal companion for those who demand precision, versatility, and top-notch performance in game processing.

Ventari v2 Hunting Knife

Ventari v2

Although the v2 shares a significant portion of its DNA with the v1, it has one distinctive feature that sets it apart—a slightly shorter blade, shorter by just one inch. This seemingly modest adjustment has makes the already exceptionally dexterous Ventari an incredibly versatile and lightweight tool, renowned for its outstanding all-around performance and toughness, highly favoured as a dedicated larder tool as well as an everyday all-rounder.

Artemis v2 Hunting Knife

Artemis v2

Artemis v2 is the perfect companion knife, originally designed to complement either a Cael or Garron, for the delicate task of “unzipping” the gut and hide on game. Its design allows for the precise opening of game, akin to unzipping a zipper, all while avoiding any unnecessary damage to the animal’s hide or cutting through hair. Thanks to its blunt tip, it also minimizes the risk of puncturing internal organs, ensuring the freshness of the game meat is preserved.
With Artemis v2, you can effortlessly and swiftly break down carcasses whether you’re in the field or the larder, making it an indispensable tool for hunters and game enthusiasts alike.
The Artemis handle is designed to be reversable offering a wide array of grips to make processing and handling more user friendly.

Arcaelis v1 Hunting Knife

Arcaelis v1

Arcaelis is a fusion of the best features from both Artemis and Cael. It boasts the ergonomic Cael v2 handle complete with an integrated index guard, combined with the precision of the Artemis blade. While it may not offer quite as many versatile grips as its sibling, Artemis, Arcaelis places a premium on safety and speed.
This hybrid knife is especially well-suited for those who operate in low-light conditions or have a high volume of tasks to tackle. With Arcaelis, you can work efficiently without the need to agonize over every cut, making it an ideal choice for individuals with demanding cutting needs.

Peryton v1 Hunting Knife

Peryton v1

The Peryton v1 emerged in response to a growing demand for a versatile knife that strikes a harmonious balance between the highly dexterous Cael and Ventari models. Drawing inspiration from the design elements of both, it underwent rigorous field testing and garnered acclaim in Shooting Times, earning a stellar rating of 10/10.

Barry Stoffel of Shooting Times had this to say: “After pondering for some time if the hype was justified, I’m obliged to conclude that Emberleaf deserves every ounce of its impeccable reputation. This is a truly fabulous knife.”

The Peryton features a substantial 100mm (4-inch) blade with a generous 20mm width, setting it apart from its Cael counterpart. The broader and heavier blade lends itself well to accommodating either a Scandinavian or micro bevel grind, offering versatility in blade profiles. Its ergonomic handle, complete with a built-in index guard, delivers a delightful user experience. Notably, the Peryton’s flared pommel section and flatter handle spine distinguish it from the Cael, aligning more closely with the Ventari’s design.

In summary, the Peryton v1 stands as a testament to Emberleaf’s commitment to innovation and excellence. It embodies the perfect fusion of the Cael and Ventari’s strengths, making it an outstanding choice for those who demand a versatile and exceptional knife for a wide range of tasks.

Peryton - Mini Hunting Knife

Peryton - Mini

The Peryton Mini is born from a curious incident. One day, while laser cutting a Peryton template in plastic for reasons we still can’t fully fathom, the resulting piece emerged a surprising 30% smaller than originally intended, it felt fantastic in the hand, extraordinarily lightweight, and incredibly nimble.

Now, as the smallest non-folding knife in our collection, the Peryton Mini has gained a devoted following among those who appreciate its compact design for tackling small game and birds. However, don’t let its diminutive size fool you; with its 3.5-inch blade, the Peryton Mini is more than capable of handling small deer as well. It’s a testament to the beauty of unintended discoveries in the world of cutlery.

Maris v1 Hunting Knife

Maris v1

Maris represents a fusion of the finest attributes found in the Ventari v1 blade and the Cael v2 handle chassis. With its 125mm (5-inch) Micro bevel ground blade, Maris inherits exceptional tip dexterity akin to its Ventari v1 counterpart. Simultaneously, it benefits from the robust support and enhanced safety features inherent to the Cael v2 handle design.

A versatile, all-purpose hunting knife that’s perfectly suited for a wide range of tasks and needs.

Harrier Hunting Knives


The Harrier takes the spotlight as the largest knife within the Emberleaf range. Crafted with precision, this substantial hunting knife is specifically designed to tackle larger game, yet its versatility extends to serve as a robust all-purpose bushcraft and utility tool.

At its core, the Harrier was meticulously engineered with the processing of sizable quarries in mind, making it a trusted companion for hunters seeking to conquer challenging tasks. Over time, the Harrier has also earned its place in our prestigious Military ETR range of knives.

With a formidable 150mm (6-inch) blade measuring 30mm in width, the Harrier boasts a long, flat spine—an ideal feature for effective batoning. As a standard offering, it comes equipped with a built-in index guard and a lanyard tube, ensuring a secure and versatile grip.

The Harrier stands as a testament to Emberleaf’s commitment to crafting knives that excel in both form and function, making it an indispensable tool for those who demand the utmost from their blades, whether in the wild or on the field

Folding Knives

Cael Lockback Handmade Folding Knives

Cael Lockback

Introducing the Cael v2 Lockback, the latest gem in the Emberleaf Range. This exceptional knife represents a fully folding adaptation of the renowned Cael AR v2, meticulously honed for the precise processing of game, with a special emphasis on deer. The design has undergone meticulous evaluation and rigorous testing under the scrutiny of esteemed industry leaders.
With a 100mm (4-inch) fully folding Micro bevel ground blade available in your choice of AEB-L or Damascus steels, the Cael Lockback is not just versatile but also customizable to your preferences, just like any Emberleaf knife. For added sophistication, it can be equipped with stainless or Damascus steel bolsters.

Please take note that the Cael v2 Lockback maintains the same legal standing as its fixed-blade counterpart.

Aquila Lockback - UK Legal folding knife

Aquila Lockback/UK Legal slip joint

Aquila encapsulates everything we hold dear in the art of knife making. While it maintains a traditional form, we’ve infused it with the same level of meticulous craftsmanship, precision, and care that have become synonymous with our brand.

The Aquila is meticulously designed to serve as a versatile folding pocketknife, and it offers two variations to suit your preferences: the UK-legal carry non-locking Slipjoint, or the secure Lockback version.

Full hardened tool steel construction, available with bolsters, and Damascus blades

Sub 3 Inch blade.

Bushcraft Knives

Bran v1 handmade Bushcraft Knives

Bran v1

Bran, the epitome of versatility and performance in bushcraft knives. This exceptional blade has earned its place as our flagship bushcraft model, cherished by both seasoned bushcraft and survival instructors.
Bran’s reputation is a result of rigorous testing in diverse environments across the globe. From the dense jungles of Central America to serving valiantly in military operations in the Middle East, Bran has proven its mettle time and again. With a track record like this, you can trust that the Bran is not just a knife; it’s a reliable partner in your outdoor adventures and survival endeavours.
Bran has 100mm (4 inch) 30mm wide blade supporting a true Scandinavian grind. The choked-up guard sits behind the line of the cutting edge increasing the stability and power when employed in battening and all the major power strokes.
Steel pommel cap available on this model / Lanyard tubes available on this model.

Adra v2 handmade Bushcraft Knives

Adra v2

Adra stands as a pivotal component within our bushcraft knife collection. With a 100mm (4-inch) blade, with a width of 24mm, Adra distinguishes itself by its extended, flatter spine leading to a precise drop point. This unique design imparts a heightened level of dexterity, making it exceptionally well-suited for intricate and delicate tasks.
Featuring a small, external guard and an ergonomically designed handle with a flared pommel section, Adra epitomizes comfort and functionality. It’s not merely a tool; it’s a long-term companion, prepared to excel in any environment you choose to explore.
For those who seek an even tougher edge, Adra is also available with a micro bevel grind, further enhancing its versatility. With Adra by your side, you’re equipped with a trusted partner that can navigate the intricacies of every outdoor adventure and challenge you encounter.
Steel Pommel Cap available on this model / Lanyard tubes available on this model.

Bran v1 handmade Bushcraft Knives

Ray Mears Bushcraft knives

We take great pride in crafting the iconic Ray Mears bushcraft knife exclusively for Woodlore—a blade that stands as one of the most renowned edged tools globally.


Adra v2 handmade Bushcraft Knives

Woodlore Pro

The Woodlore Knife Pro represents the latest and most advanced iteration of this classic blade, offering a compelling array of features that cater to the needs of avid outdoor enthusiasts.

Talos v2 handmade Bushcraft Knives

Talos v2

The Talos v2, a substantial 125mm (5-inch) blade, extending to a width of 32mm, is a field craft knife inspired by the traditional Sami fisk knife, utilized by the indigenous people of Lapland. Within our esteemed Military Range, the Talos holds a place of high regard, earning favour for its exceptional performance and reliability.

As an optional feature, the Talos v2 offers a back bevel blade, thoughtfully left unsharpened. This strategic design choice reduces weight while enhancing tip durability, resulting in heightened penetrating power without compromising tip strength.

For added durability and functionality, the Talos v2 comes standard with a stainless-steel pommel cap, further underscoring its readiness for the most demanding field craft tasks. With the Talos v2 in hand, you have a versatile and tough companion prepared to excel in diverse environments and challenges.

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