Woolly Mammoth Molar - Black Around 80k years old

Woolly Mammoth Molar - Brown Around 60k years old

Woolly Mammoth Ivory - Bright White 20-40k

Woolly Mammoth Ivory - Cloudy 20-40k

Woolly Mammoth Ivory - Cream 20-40k

Woolly Mammoth Ivory - Tan 40-60k

Woolly Mammoth Ivory - Brown 40-60k

Woolly Mammoth Ivory - Tan 60-100k

Woolly Mammoth Bone 60-100k

100,000 Year old Fossilized Tiger Coral

Petrified Giraffe Bone

Petrified Giraffe Bone

Petrified Giraffe Bone

3000 year old Bog Oak from the Black Forest.

Woolly Mammoth Ivory:

Genuine mammoth fossils. They date all the way back to the last ice age (20,000-100,000 BP). Needless to say, this rare material is in itself very special. For that reason it also makes unique products even more special. Occasionally, tusks, molars and bones are found from these iconic mammoths. Therefore we have developed a unique preservation treatment for each of these. All of the treatments stabilize the fossils with vacuum, high pressure and strong resins. Meanwhile, the resins we use differ depending on the material. Nonetheless, they all result in a stronger material that is useful for a wide array of luxury products. Raffir Fossils are most commonly used for fine handles.


Fossilized Coral:

A stunning mateiral from new zealand, around 100k years old, very difficult to work with!


Petrified Giraffe Bones

Around 3000 Years old from the found in the wilds of Africa, this material hard, heavy and generally amazing.


Please note these are stock images, due to the nature of these materials the colours and grains heavily vary, we can send images of the actual available blocks we have in stock. Not all types will be available all the time as they are very rare and difficult to obtain.