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The Workshop

Custom Handmade Knives on Show in the Workshop

The Showroom

Our hand crafted showroom, a true labor of love constructed from locally sourced solid oak. As the company’s centerpiece and the initial point of contact for our valued visitors, it offers a splendid introduction to our world. The showroom has capacity for over 100 custom knives and provides at least one of every model we create and the diverse range of materials we employ.

Our showroom is more than just a display of knives; it also serves as a mini museum, providing a home for ancient swords and weapons, alongside rare materials and captivating artwork along with many other curiousities. Every corner tells a unique story, offering something fresh and intriguing for each visitor to discover.

Leatherwork & Thermoplastics Studio

Adjacent to the showroom, you’ll find our well-equipped leatherwork studio, dedicated to crafting sheaths and covers for our knives using the finest leathers and time-honored techniques. In this room, you won’t find any power tools; even our sewing machine is hand-operated. The studio also houses the essential machinery for creating kydex sheaths, attaching buttons, studs, and kydex rivets.
Leatherwork studio image coming soon
Assembly Shop image coming soon

Assembly Shop

Within the main assembly shop, we meticulously piece together the components of every knife. Our efficient process involves sorting the key elements into numbered caddies and organizing them into batches. This shop is home to two manual mills, a bandsaw, and a bustling HAAS CNC unit, consistently turning out precision folder parts. With typically 25-40 knives in production simultaneously, we also maintain a storeroom upstairs stocked with materials and steels.

The Laser Lab

Our ‘Lab’ is a hub of innovation, housing four essential machines. An EPZ Fibre galvo laser is employed for marking all metals, while a Co2 Gantry laser is perfect for cutting and marking leather, wood, and plastics. A 3D printer creates jigs for the lasers, ensuring uncompromising precision and a 3D scanner facilitates the rapid prototyping of specialied parts and features.

The Laser Engraving Lab in Petworth, West Sussex
Welding in The Forge Area

Forge & Heat Treatment Area

In the forge and heat treatment area, we employ state-of-the-art digital kilns for most heat treatment processes, complemented by a substantial gas forge and traditional forging equipment. This section also accommodates a rolling mill for the hot forming of specialized steels and a 40-liter liquid nitrogen tank for cryogenic treatment of our blade steels. There is also a welding area and a seconadry machine room housing a lathe, another bandsaw, and various sanders.

The Grinding Room

Our grinding room is where the magic happens, serving as the heartbeat of our operation. Outfitted with advanced KMGs (Knife Makers Grinders/Linishers) and a surface grinder, it’s the space where we craft handles, refine edges, and perform other crucial grinding operations. This custom-built room can accommodate five bladesmiths, each engaged in various projects, with a custom extraction system ensuring a safe and clean working environment.
Knife Makers in the grinding area of the Workshop

Polishing Room

The polishing room is equipped with dedicated extraction and a substantial polishing machine, used for achieving mirror finishes on metals. It’s a space where safety is paramount, and our highly trained staff are often seen wearing chain mail and heavy protective equipment due to the precise and demanding yet dangerous nature of their work.

To get a really good look around our shop and see the team in action, why not check out some of out workshop update videos below

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