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Talos v2 – SOLD

Project: 2337

Talos v2, is a robust field craft knife with a substantial 5-inch blade and a width of 32mm, inspired by the traditional Sami fisk knife of Lapland. Esteemed in our Military Range for its exceptional performance, the Talos is designed for reliability in diverse environments. The optional back bevel blade, strategically unsharpened, enhances tip durability and penetrating power without compromising strength. Standard with a stainless-steel pommel cap for added durability, the Talos v2 is your versatile and tough companion ready to excel in demanding field craft tasks.

Edge Type: Scandi

Steel: RWL-34

Rockwell hardness: 59.5  HRC

Blade length: 5 Inch

Handle material: Renaissance Inlace

Fixings: Stainless steel corby rivets

Supplied with a Black Leather belt pouch and lifetime warranty.


Out of stock

Project: 2337

Handled in Renaissance Inlace


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