Talson 931 - Special Edition

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Introducing Talson our newest shape of 2018.

The Talson was designed as an all round european hunting knife with bowie like aspects in mind but without the unwieldiness of its larger American cousins.

The extra handle length (total 135mm) offers a wider range of grips and dexterity. Its has a blade length of 125mm (5 inches) with an over all length of 260mm (just shy of 10 inches). It is however surprisingly light weight and mobile for a knife of its size.

Full spec for Project: 931

Steel: Gynsing Damascus

full flat grind into micro bevel

416 Stainless steel guard

Handled in 40,000 year old woolly mammoth ivory flanked by 416 stainless steel guard with the main bulk of the handle in the highest grade of desert iron wood availble capped with a Damascus steel pommel cap.

The sheath is a brown right handed carved with a sheridan style pattern.

A note from the makers:

"We designed this knife to try and bridge the gap of european hunters liking the look and feel of the traditional bowie type knife but to make it more practical for the typical quarry found in this part of the world."

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