Ventari v2

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Project: 2313

Ventari v2 is a hybrid of our well-known Cael and its cousin the Garron.

Offering optimum edge retention and dexterity for use in the processing of game.

With a 22.5mm wide and 100mm long blade (4 inch) the Ventari v2 can fit into tight spaces and make very tight turns when cutting with the tip.

Extensively tested over most of 2019 the Ventari has been used on all deer species in the UK and has performed well past our already high standards.

Steel: AEB-L

Rockwell hardness: 59.5  HRC

Blade length: 4 inch

Handle material: Stabilised Poplar

Fixings: x2 Stainless steel corby rivets

Supplied with a Brown Right-handed leather sheath


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