Halloween 2022 Special Edition Peryton v1

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Project: 2592 

Peryton v1 came about to due to the demand of finding middle ground between the highly dextrous Cael and Ventari models using design elements from each field tested and reviewed in the shooting times and used for all manner of tasks and given a rating of 10/10,

Special Edition supporting a custom Halloween edition handle material: Lovecraftian Nightmare: Hex-craft, with custom engravings on the blade pins and spine.

Steel: AEB-L

Rockwell hardness: 59.5 HRC

Blade length: 4 inch

Handle material: Lovecraftian Nightmare: Hex-craft

Fixings: x2 copper corby

All knives are supplied with a Black right-handed handmade fitted sheath, Engraved with custom artwork



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