As a Deer manager and head Keeper I have used the Pritha in the Roe buck & Doe cull this year with as yet no need to re-strop the blade. The skinner and Gralloching knives will also be working knives.

To say these are superb knives is simply an understatement the quality of the materials and the workmanship is simply put is second to none. These knives have not just been made they have been created to do a job like a well made gun, beautiful to behold, well balanced and a perfect fit to the hand.

The above comments do not come close to describing the Mammoth Molar custom Knife you created. How one can describe what is the very finest example of the blade smith’s and Knife maker’s art I have ever seen I do not know, simply a thing of wonder and great beauty. When you said it came with a case you did not hint that the fitted case would also be a work of art and is of a quality that would complement the finest of guns. And like a fine gun it would be improper not to use it now and again.

I have a first class gunsmith and now I have a first class Knife maker

Please pass on my very sincerest thanks to all the team at Emberleaf for some truly remarkable knives which I will treasure and will become family pieces.

- D.G.Holland


"Fantastically sharp blade with a strong broad back and a weighty full tang handle carved out of magnificent hardwood - certainly lives up to its "work horse" accolade, and a nice personal touch on the sheath, cheers lads!"

- Will, Infantry Platoon Commander, British Army.

(Talking about his new Rwl -34 and Cocobolo Enki 4.5 inch bushcraft knife)


"I saw the Emberleaf knives at an event during the summer and thought they were beautifully crafted. The "Bran Knife", with an African Ironwood handle, particularly caught my eye and when I handled it, it felt sturdy and the weight and balance was perfect. The sheath is again crafted beautifully from thick black leather and holds the knife securely. I have used my knife on several bushcraft tasks and cannot fault its performance. An excellent purchase and would highly recommend an Emberleaf knife to anybody looking for an excellent, high quality, bushcraft knife"

- Spike Brooker, National Trust countryside warden.


As a timber framer I choose Emberleaf to give me the edge. Their service is quick,professional and always results in a razor sharp finish. Old chisels that have been used on brickwork or adzes that have seen work in the garden have proved no problem for the guys at Emberleaf, they returned as whole new tools; sharp enough to cut the wind and just as shiny. 

- Kris Vill, Framer at: The roundwood timber framing company


"I use my knife from the start to finish of a gralloch and can still shave with it afterwards - 11 roe with it so far and I am beginning to wonder if I will ever need to sharpen it!"

- Richard Reeve, Owner of Vermicapture Ltd, talking about his AEB-L drop pointed Cael.


‘Emberleaf came recommended and certainly provided not just a Cael modified to my requirements but also personal service - a demonstration of sample knives/sheaths when in the County on a personal visit (thank you Joel)! Subsequently talking through my thoughts and modifications with Dean, who kept me informed throughout the ‘design’ process, gave me great confidence in the outcome – I am very satisfied with ‘my knife’ – so much so it just looks too good to use for now………in light of this I can only highly recommend Emberleaf and Dean/Joel’.

FH - Oxfordshire


"I found the work of Emberleaf to be a very high quality with great precision. The Scissors I purchased certainly made a difference, and the sharpening service they provided on the premises is very convenient. I highly recommend."

- Jodie, Owner Ciseaux barbering, Chichester.