Sharpening Services

Sharpening Services

Emberleaf Workshops sharpening services specialize in sharpening knives, hairdressing scissors, cutlery, axes, and even chisels and gouges of all types, we can provide highly professional sharpening service nation wide by mail order.  We use state of the art sharpening systems along with hand sharpening processes that remove the least amount of metal from the blade while providing a consistently sharper, durable edge at the proper angle. All items are serviced by our experienced bladesmiths who will help you protect and maintain your investment.


Salon shears:


Each scissor will undergo a full service, this includes: A full strip and clean, replacement of any bumpers and washers that require it, sharpened and honed to the correct angle for maximum cutting performance, they will be then reassembled realigned and balanced, and a light dress of oil on the moving parts. All for just £12.50 + VAT and return shipping.



From bushcraft knives to chefs knives Emberleaf Workshops sharpening service can do it all, no matter the type, no matter the size or make our bladesmiths have specially designed equipment to service any knife.

Axes, Chisels and gouges:

This sharpening service is available on request and will be dealt with on a case by case basis,


Please call on 01428 707933 or Contact us for further details.









Mail order details

Emberleaf workshops sharping services mail order instructions.