Material options

Almost all available materials for handles and specialist steel options, due to the nature of these products some may be in limited supply at times and the options are ever in flux, we will do our best to keep the images up to date. All images are are only representative of each material as some may look very different once shaped and polished, please keep that in mind when viewing these items, it is likely we have used each material at least once so please view our galleries for an idea of what the finished piece may look like.

If you cannot find anything that suits your tastes or requirements please Contact us and we wil do all we can to find something for you, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to available knife handles! 


Stabilized Wood

Stunningly Stabilized.


Dazzling and Durable


Synthetic Snakes!


Wood and resin combos


We use more of this than anything else!


Perfectly Pearlescent


Bomb proof!


Lovely Laminates!

Fat Carbon

Latest generation of Carbon fiber

Turbo Glow

Glow in the dark

Damascus and Special Steels

The best around