Dedicated to producing the best in contemporary handmade knives and hairdressing scissors

Since we opened our doors in 2011, Emberleaf Workshops has been committed to making the finest contemporary handmade knives and hairdressing scissors possible and providing a high quality, professional tool sharpening service in the Sussex and Hampshire area.

All our knives are hand-crafted from start to finish, with every single detail made with great care by our passionate bladesmiths. The exceptional quality of our knives is a result of our seamless integration of natural materials and state of the art alloys.


A tool repair and sharpening service for the south coast or by mail order nationally

With our experience and skill of making blades, our smiths can restore almost any tool with a cutting edge to the highest of standards, making your tools seem like new, for more information our sharpening service please click here.


Meet the expert team at Emberleaf



Dean Boyd served as a Royal Engineer and trained as a welder and a blacksmith. When it comes to the forming of metals, there is little he cannot achieve. Dean later worked as a senior bushcraft and survival instructor, teaching and honing his craft for an entire year in the woods building on skills he had acquired living and working in the jungles of central America.




Joel Andreas served as a Royal Engineer and has worked to gain many different traditional skills since leaving the military, including saw milling and timber framing as well as leading buscraft and survival courses. Joel’s skills, expertise and keen mind for exciting new designs make him a master at the art of creating blades.


For more information about our services, call us now on 01730 859017 or email sales@emberleaf.com