Mail order details

To send us items for our sharpening service simply follow these steps:


  • Wrap you items in newspaper or similar and pack them tightly into a box or thick padded envelope, ensure any pointed ends are well covered and will not pierce the package (please send hunting,fishing,military and bushcraft knives in their sheaths)
  • Inclose a return return address,email and phone number.
  • Send via your local post office or courier of your choice (we recommend recorded delivery) to Emberleaf Workshops, Unit 9 Colhook Industrial Park, Petworth, Gu28 9LP.
  • You can either inclose a cheque made payable to Emberleaf or we will call you for card payment, bank transfer or paypal.

On receipt of your items we will inform you via email or telephone and have them returned to you with in 3 days working days.



Price list is as follows:

Salon shears: £12.50 each,


Scandi ground knives £12.50 each,

Chefs/micro bevel knives £3-6 depending on blade condition

For large orders and all other items please call or email us for further details on pricing.

All prices do not include VAT or return postage.